About Us

Never a factory, always a workshop, working to cultivate authentic experiences — because authenticity wins. Always. We are planners, strategists, writers, designers, makers, photographers, and fabricators, working in a space where we all could harmoniously collaborate.

// Founder/ Creative Director

Bryan Taylor

// Brand Manager

Thea Albright

// Brand Manager

Mary Flatley

// Brand Manager

Slavka Eberhart-Garah

// Design Fabricator

Josiah Martens

// Content Coordinator

Kristen França

// Brand Writer

Casey Butler Harwood

// Senior Developer

Dave Merwin

// Content Strategist

Bridget Jevning

// Photographer / Senior Designer

Trask Bedortha

// Assistant

Emily Callihan

// Assistant Content Coordinator

Garrett Stollar

// Digital Media Planner

Robert Frost