About Us

Never a factory, always a workshop, working to cultivate authentic experiences — because authenticity wins. Always. We are planners, strategists, writers, designers, makers, photographers, and fabricators, working in a space where we all could harmoniously collaborate.


The quick overview

Drawn is a boutique brand development agency. We specialize in crafting authentic and meaningful experiences to which people feel naturally drawn. We accomplish this through a deep understanding of people, along with a keen sense of a brand's unique personality, which allow us to form genuine connections between the two.


Authenticity Wins. Always.

There are two ways to reach consumers. You can chase, or you can attract. We vote for developing brands that are genuinely one-of-a-kind because they attract fans and cultivate a lifelong loyalty that always wins in the long run.


Never a Factory. Always a Workshop.

We are planners, strategists, writers, designers, makers, photographers, and motion editors. So we created a space where we could all harmoniously coexist.

The Team

Who we are

// Founder/ Creative Director

Bryan Taylor

// Brand Manager

Thea Albright

// Producer

Mary Flatley

// Brand Manager

Slavka Eberhart-Garah

// Design Fabricator

Josiah Martens

// Content Coordinator

Kristen França

// Brand Writer

Casey Butler Harwood

// Senior Developer

Dave Merwin

// Content Strategist

Bridget Jevning

// Photographer / Senior Designer

Trask Bedortha

// Designer

Drew Coffin

// Digital Media Planner

Robert Frost

// Assistant

Sydney Evans