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Acuity Insurance, located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, has offered property and casualty insurance products to U.S. consumers and businesses since 1925. In true Midwestern style, Acuity wanted to do more than care for its clients’ property; it wanted to care for their whole lives. 

Acuity had put energy into creating quite a lot of thoughtful content and hosting it on the company’s website, but it was scattered across their blog, brochures, glossary, and videos. There was no single location where all of it could be pulled together and sorted by category, keyword, or theme. As a result of this, readers would click in to read a single article, but never explore the plethora of adjacent content. The company hoped that in creating a content hub, it would create a place for readers to get lost in helpful and engaging blog content — discovering, along the way, that Acuity could be an ally in doing life better.

We were tasked with designing the user experience for their content hub, The Focus, which integrated and organized Acuity’s various communication channels. The content hub allows end-users to find the information they want — when they want it — and broaden the scope of their original search by crossing over to related topics. All of this deepens their overall engagement with Acuity content, whether their interest is directly applicable to insurance or not. The hub also aggregates all of Acuity’s existing content, much of which has lived in separate channels up to this point, and allows indexing by themes and topics. This translates to an ability for Acuity to display selected content for different target audiences.    

We tackled this project in five sprints (each two weeks long) that progressed from ideation to low-fidelity, black and white wireframes and a rough style tile, followed by medium-fidelity wireframes. We wrapped up with finalized files: high-fidelity mock-ups of the content hub, designed with completed page layouts, as well as individual master components, which we handed over to Acuity’s in-house development team, who took it from there.

With each of our design sprints, our deliverables matured and expanded. Eventually, we handed off the high-fidelity mock-ups and master components that would become The Focus. Image: Drawn Agency

We thoroughly documented each design sprint throughout our design process to help with any future development or internal team onboarding. In addition to the high-fidelity design files, we provided content guidelines to help Acuity grow The Focus once development was completed. Throughout the design process, we also kept a running list of potential ideas that might be developed in the future to complement The Focus content hub and further Acuity’s internal goals.

We worked on The Focus for 10 weeks in spring of 2019 and it went live later that year. Acuity has been very pleased with the results: there has been a noticeable increase in content crossover, and The Focus remains true to the Acuity brand, both visually and thematically. 


Discovery is the most crucial piece of the process when doing brand work. It allows us to get to know our clients on a molecular level, which enables us to solve any problems that they may be facing in a way that aligns with their true brand personality, core values, and company ethos.


Once we know our clients inside and out (so to speak), we begin an iterative process of ideation, feedback, and revision, which eventually gets us to an end product that everyone is proud of.

“The Focus is doing really well. We have increased organic search and overall page views. We are happy with the initial rollout of Drawn’s work and the success it has already brought.” 

— Sarah Sabel, Web & UX Branding Specialist and Project Lead at Acuity