Bryan Taylor

All By Design: A New Series

We are all designers, in our own unique ways. It is true that some of us are designers who get paid to design logos and websites Monday through Friday. Some make a living designing bridges and buildings and beautiful landscapes. But here at Drawn, we understand design to be a much broader discipline that doesn’t always show up on a business card. All of us design experiences every day by solving problems, creating opportunities, building connections, and communicating messages — messages of love by designing a thoughtful dinner for our family, messages of personality by designing our personal style, and messages of passion and nurture by designing tomorrow’s lesson plan. 

Design is not a practice reserved for those who have the word in their job titles, and when we recognize the everyday work of design, we can all become inspired in new and unexpected ways. And that is why we decided to design a series of blog posts that celebrate non-traditional designers who inspire us and our everyday creativity: teachers, chefs, plumbers, orchestrators, bus drivers. This series may never be completed because there are billions of designers in the world, all of whom go about their days by design, and that is a topic that will continue to fascinate us for years to come. 

The format of this series will be entirely Q&A. We may edit these interviews for length, but we want the words and reactions of these everyday designers to be relatively unedited, presented for us all to see their work as they see it, and experience it, and to allow their perspectives to broaden our own. And if you have any suggested people or creative pursuits you would like us to cover, tag us on Instagram at @drawn_brands