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BOLD Predictions for the Year Ahead

Ladies and gentlemen,

Every year, at this time of the year, agencies and other companies far and wide share their predictions for what the new year will bring. Typically, these are backed by extensive data, analytics, and, of course, research.

We at Drawn have opted to offer you our own incredibly BOLD predictions for 2019, based primarily on our own rather shallow, cursory exploration of contemporary culture, our empirical knowledge of the branded world (naturally), and casual observation of life around the Bard.

So, without further ado...

  • Amazon will continue to grow exponentially and make exorbitant amounts of revenue.

  • People will still (tragically) be using Zapfino.

  • Siri, Cortana, and Alexa's senses of humor will remain fairly disappointing.

  • Drawn will (unintentionally) kill at least six houseplants.

We love plants, but they don't always love us back. Photo: Trask Bedortha/Drawn

  • Some of your closest friends will begin to promote products and brands on their personal Instagram accounts.

  • Those same friends will claim that they are now “influencers.” 

  • IGTV and Instagram Live will still leave a lot to be desired. 

  • You’ll continue to be mercilessly targeted by ads for things that you don’t want to buy. (All because you clicked on that one link, one time. Ugh.)

  • Trask will wear a hat to work 4.8 days per week.

  • Jaws the world over will remain decidedly undropped when Meghan Markle breaks with royal tradition.

  • Elon Musk will build cool things and say unorthodox things.

  • Former intern Garrett will look like Tom Selleck (yet again) next Movember.

Garrett's epic stache. Photo: Trask Bedortha/Drawn

  • Someone will suggest that we (at Drawn) order something new and exciting for lunch, but we’ll get Laughing Planet instead. (Again.)

  • Bryan will order what Josiah’s having.

  • Eugene will see many, many days of rain. (But zero of them will be in July or August.)

  • Google will simultaneously awe us and terrify us.

  • Flights out of SFO will be canceled due to fog.

  • You’ll be asked (and feel obligated) to like something, “leave a comment below,” and subscribe to something useless.

Well, that about rounds out our BOLD predictions for 2019. Did we miss anything? We hope that you all have a wonderful New Year. We can’t wait to provide you with more great content in the coming months — as always, please like, comment, subscribe!


Garrett Stollar