Coconut Bliss

The Story

Luna and Larry created Coconut Bliss because they simply couldn’t find good dairy-free ice cream. Through lots and lots of experimentation in their own kitchen, they discovered that coconut milk made an exceptionally smooth and creamy ice cream base. A Blissful base, even. Thanks to a supportive local community in Eugene, Oregon, and a growing international market for vegan frozen desserts, Coconut Bliss became a major player in the frozen desserts world.

We were hired to help Coconut Bliss launch and market a brand new product, the Cookie Sandwich. Available in two flavors — dark chocolate and classic vanilla — the Cookie Sandwich is a generous portion of mouthwatering, dairy-free ice cream between two gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. And it’s all made with organic ingredients. So, as you can imagine, marketing this thing was a lot of fun.

Our goals were to boost Cookie Sandwich awareness and sales, improve overall brand awareness and loyalty, and bump up social media engagement. So, we started by learning everything there was to learn about Coconut Bliss and its industry. We also did a fair bit of taste testing, of course.

Ultimately, we created a variety of high-quality content to sing the Sandwich’s praises and designed a handful of impactful experiences that got people talking. Our approach for promoting the Cookie Sandwich eventually melted into the strategy for marketing the rest of Coconut Bliss’s product line and soon, we were doing all kinds of crazy things like pairing pints with yoga poses.

Meet the New Ice Cream Sandwich

After a decade of successful growth with pints and bars, Coconut Bliss developed a gluten-free, dairy-free ice cream sandwich and we had the privilege of introducing it to the world.

Tasteful Content

With a strong fan base already in place, we joined the enthusiasm with content about the Cookie Sandwich’s features, its ingredients, and plenty of mouth-watering visual delights to announce the sandwich's arrival.

Launching to an Expo Crowd

The world welcomed its first taste of the Coconut Bliss Cookie Sandwich at the 2017 Natural Foods Expo West. And seconds and thirds were quick to follow.