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Culina | The Drinkables

When Culina partnered with Drawn in 2019, they were on the brink of an expansion. At that point, they had just four core 5-oz. yogurt flavors — Strawberry Rose, Blueberry Lavender, Bourbon Vanilla, and Plain + Simple (also available in a 16-oz. jar) — along with a few obsession-worthy seasonal offerings, like a fiercely coveted Pumpkin Spice. Their expanded family of products would include four palate-bending, new 5-oz. yogurt flavors and an entirely new product line: dairy-free drinkable kefir yogurts.

Part of our design process involved talking with Culina Founder Erin Asaad at length about the brand’s story, positioning, personality, and core values. We created mood boards and talked through them together, continually refining the Culina aesthetic and brand identity, until we landed on a solid set of brand standards and an artistic direction for the yogurt packaging. After completing a full-line packaging redesign, as well as a subtle logo update, we designed the labels for Culina’s new line of dairy-free drinkable kefir yogurts, which includes three core flavors: Salted Caramel Espresso, Passion Fruit, and Piña Colada.

We wanted our packaging designs to communicate Culina’s playful personality and dedication to natural ingredients in a fresh way while making the most of the company’s established brand recognition. With that in mind, we kept Culina’s primary brand color, a warm terracotta, and added a secondary palette that would complement it as it also signified flavors. We established a clear packaging hierarchy: brand, flavor, descriptors (drinkable, plant based & dairy free, number of ingredients), and call-outs (woman owned, vegan, paleo) — and standardized each element.

After redesigning Culina's yogurt packaging, we were thirsty for more. Enter The Drinkables. Photo: Trask Bedortha/Drawn Agency

The Culina brand is colorful yet soft, so we paired bright illustrations with pastel backgrounds and utilized rounded shapes to emphasize the brand’s soft femininity and BFF vibes. The illustrations themselves are a mouthwatering, modern take on traditional watercolors that speak to Culina’s plant-based nature and help consumers identify flavors. The three drinkables flavors have very different ingredients, which meant very different-looking illustrations, so we relied on our previously established packaging standards to unite them as a family. These artistic elements playfully dance about the surface, interwoven with informative graphic elements. The end result is a bubbly, conversational pattern-like presence.

Like the rest of Culina’s products, the new drinkable kefirs are packaged in sustainable, glass bottles with resealable lids, which are reusable and, eventually, recyclable. Bottoms up!