Drawn Agency

The Drawn Brand | Brand Pillars

These five pillars form the foundation upon which our brand is built and guide our approach to design.


We aspire to be original thinkers.

While we find inspiration in others’ work, we prefer to blaze our own trails because each problem is unique and each solution should be, too. We don’t settle for outcomes that are quick and obvious — we dig deeper to find real, elegant solutions that last. This approach has led us to discover surprising possibilities and produce distinctive work.


We’ve got our head in the clouds, dreaming big with blue sky thinking that’s about to lead to some very creative doing. We start with big, unruly, unconventional ideas and refine them (and refine them some more) until they are aligned, tight, and so natural that they almost feel like second nature.

As we pursue the wonder of possibility, we’ll have inelegant ideas along the way, though we keep pushing forward in search of those surprising solutions that are simple, beautiful, and refined. 


We are an interdisciplinary group, stronger than the sum of our creative parts. 

By bringing together designers and coders and fabricators and strategists and writers and planners who each think differently, we are able to establish greater empathy, and we’re capable of producing stronger ideas.


We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we strive to be genuinely open, honest, and real. Authenticity doesn't demand attention, but it draws it anyway, organically. For us, it's more than a means to an end. It's a philosophy, and it's what Drawn is built on.

We have clients who trust us like family. We listen to them intently, letting their words lead our work, and seeking to capture their beyond-words ethea (that's just the plural form of ethos — we had to look it up, too) in everything that we create for them.


People are wonderfully unique, complex, and imperfect — much like the creative process.

We are people designing things for other people, and that brings a whole lot of complexity — which is both good and challenging. We believe in empathy, teamwork, forgiveness, generosity, and joy, humility, and humor.