Mary Flatley

Drawn to Fall: A Playlist

As the days get shorter and the nights get chillier, there is a desire to get cozy and reflect on sunny days past. To help your fall feel full of light and warmth, the Drawn team put together this autumn-appropriate playlist. Sometimes moody and often rootsy, here is what we listen to when fall comes around. The full Spotify playlist is available here.

"Hey Moon" | John Maus

“As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, the moon seems more prominent. Plus, the slow arpeggios feel like falling leaves.” — Josiah Martens

“Our Way to Fall” | Yo La Tengo

“This song always reminds me of taking chilly fall walks — crunching leaves, headphones on, wearing a few extra layers, and getting lost in old memories. ” — Mary Flatley

“Summertime Sadness ” | Lana Del Ray

“Summer has always been my favorite season and this song gives me that melancholy feeling of having to wait another year until summer returns.” — Kristen França

“Sometimes in the Fall” | Phoenix

“It's honestly really hard for me to choose one fall song. The fall makes me extremely sentimental, so I have about a million and one strong musical associations with the season through various phases of my life. "Sometimes in the Fall" always jumps into my head first because of the name, but it actually does remind me of the beginning of my junior year of college, right after I discovered Phoenix during a summer study abroad in Paris and promptly became obsessed. I played this song countless times on my first-generation iPod Nano (LOL), walking around campus with fallen leaves underfoot and riding the bus through nor'easters.”  — Casey Harwood

“Swim” | Valley

"My song is 'Swim' by Valley. It's my fall song because it feels like the perfect mix between melancholy lyrics and an upbeat melody, which I feel are both fall moods. This term I've listened to this song enough that I now associate it with crunching through the fall leaves as I walk to class." — Sydney Evans

“Raising Cain” | Gregory Alan Isakov

“My friend and I played this song a lot while he was learning harmonica one fall in college. Now I always want to put on Gregory Alan Isakov every time October rolls around, but this song, in particular, reminds me of fall.” — Drew Coffin

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” | Willie Nelson

“Taking it back to the roots is something I feel like we do in the fall. I remember Willie Nelson playing in our house as a child, but Red Headed Stranger and 'Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain' are particularly memorable. My grandmother, my mother, and my father all loved Willie and I totally get it now.” — Trask Bedortha

“Black Sheep” | Martin Sexton

“The song 'Black Sheep' by Martin Sexton was on constant rotation for an entire fall season while I was inside and feeling especially inspired to create. His voice cuts right through to my very soul. The entire album remains a favorite. ” — Bridget Fieldstad

“Candles" | Daughter

“It has a cozy, calm feeling — and the melodies make me think of falling leaves.” — Chyanne Ganzel

“I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You” | Tom Waits

“Fall is all about new beginnings – for the mind and the heart.” — Slavka Eberhart-Garah

“Trees on the Mountain” | Rhiannon Giddens

“Autumn is about harvest and tucking into the long, crisp nights. For checking in with the changing season and noting the wisdom of the land around me.” — Thea Albright

The John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman 1963 Studio Album

“Because the weather turns cool, the air is crisp, and nothing seems more soothing than the warm, buttery voice of Johnny Hartman.” — Bryan Taylor

"Echo Dissolve" | Jon Hopkins

“Fall is time to settle in and think deeply and this whole album is my 'sit by the fire and contemplate in a cozy house' kind of music.” — Dave Merwin