The Story

Even the best medical insurance rarely covers ambulance and air medical transportation in full, and those services can be extremely costly — $15,000 or more. FireMed is a service provided by local fire departments that covers emergency transportation costs for its members, who pay an annual fee.

FireMed had always reached consumers with messaging that was more fear-based, but we wanted people to think of the service as paying for peace of mind. In addition to updating their messaging, we created a fresh logo and visual identity, new campaigns, and new community engagement opportunities with the FireMed Football Challenge. We partnered with local firefighters to organize the event, which centered around Lane United’s opening soccer match of the season two years in a row.

We also did some really wild stuff, like switching FireMed’s billing cycles to better match customer expectations and allowing customers to sign up and renew online for the first time — a major feat with all of the hoop jumping required for insurance-related processes.

A Brand that Grants Peace of Mind

Prior to partnering with Drawn, FireMed’s message was fear-based: Just imagine what could go wrong. We flipped that on its head and offered FireMed members comfort and support to fall back on in challenging times. We developed a fresh brand identity to match the organization’s new messaging: a classic-yet-modern shield to symbolize protection, a time-honored color scheme that speaks to both strength and FireMed’s services. And we designed a clean, easy-to-navigate website: One fewer thing for FireMed’s members to worry about.

The FireMed Football Challenge

We orchestrated the FireMed Football Challenge with the help of Eugene-Springfield firefighters. The event hinged on Lane United’s season-opening soccer match. Leading up to the match, we sold soccer balls at local convenience stores to benefit the Eugene Springfield Fire Department. We organized a pre-match soccer tournament for game goers and had a Life Flight helicopter deliver the game ball. The helicopter was also available for tours before kick-off.