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The Inspiration Behind Siete’s New Packaging Design

The Siete brand is defined by its Mexican-American heritage — it values family and togetherness above all elseJuntos es mejor — “Together is better.” In this, Siete also believes that traditional Mexican-American foods are for everyone, which is why they make grain-free versions of the staples found in every Mexican-American kitchen. And the Siete kitchen, it should be noted, has an open door. Anyone who passes through it instantly becomes part of la familia. It is the company’s stellar products combined with this unconventional business model, which is based on traditional values (family first, family second, business third), that has fueled Siete’s trajectory as one of the fastest-growing brands in the natural foods space. Even in its success (Siete has very nearly become a household name), the company continues to be family-owned and -operated.

At Drawn, we think of our team as family and our company ethos is remarkably similar to Siete’s. Our design methods put people first and our branding strategy is all about highlighting what makes our clients unique. So, our packaging for Siete’s insanely popular grain-free products is closely tethered to the brand’s identity as a Mexican-American brand. And in fact, we really built our design on the shoulders of Siete’s previous packaging for their Grain Free Tortilla Chips. Inspired by the traditional serape blankets of Mexico, this earlier Tortilla Chip packaging felt “very Siete,” with its bold patterns and vivid bursts of color, but it needed a little help scaling up. We sought to simplify, elevate, and systematize this packaging while preserving its soul.

So, what’s our process? In keeping with Siete’s core values and our own tried-and-true methods, our shared process hinges on iterative design work that incorporates a range of perspectives and embraces collaboration. (Remember, “Juntos es mejor.”) After getting to know the human side of Siete, we took a good, hard look at their complete brand identity and existing packaging, pulling threads between products and product lines. This process helped us develop a dependable system, upon which the entire Siete family of products could securely rest — and within which it could continue to expand.

Patterns play a prominent role in Siete’s packaging. Though the vivid colors have become a differentiator to shoppers, Siete’s patterns are not just there to draw eyes on the shelf; they signal Siete’s Mexican-American heritage to consumers, as well as define product lines and flavors. In the case of Siete’s chips, the serape and falsa-inspired patterns are bright, fun, and “perfectly imperfect” — just like the Siete brand personality.

The serape and falsa-inspired patterns on Siete's chip packaging were designed with a dual purpose in mind — calling attention to the tantalizing, flavor-filled bags on the shelves, while also differentiating the product lines and flavors within those. Photo: Trask Bedortha/Drawn Agency

Cohesion was one of our ultimate goals when designing Siete’s packaging: Drawing the eye to individual products while maintaining clear visual connections to the entire family is a delicate balance, but one that we are proud to have attained. As the Siete family of products continues to grow, consumers will be able to recognize that the grain-free taco shells are the siblings of the grain-free tortillas — and the second cousins (once removed) of the dairy-free queso dip. This evocative and cohesive packaging is yet another way of communicating what really lies at the heart of our packaging design and Siete itself: “Juntos es mejor.”

Our packaging designs for Siete have been recognized by the Muse Design Awards, Marcom Awards, Summit International Creative Awards, Hermes Awards, PDX Max Awards, and American Advertising Awards.