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La Familia: How Siete's Culture Influences Everything They Do

Siete Family Foods was founded by the amazing Garza family (all siete of them) in 2014 in Austin, Texas. After a few years of consistent growth, Siete began looking for an agency to aid them on their journey from inventive and successful startup to nationwide household name — without quashing the company’s characteristic warmth and one-big-happy-family feel. 

When Drawn was initially hired at the beginning of 2018, our work for Siete centered on designing social media influencer engagement kits. Siete, which has become a nationally recognized brand and a market disruptor in just five short years, enjoys a cult following that includes celebrities, influencers, cool kids, and dad-joke tellers alike. So, our task was to help keep all of them engaged with Siete by creating buzzworthy, on-brand collateral and content.

Since we’ve been working together, we’ve been adopted into the familia. (This tends to happen with the Garzas.) We now do everything from designing packaging and highly coveted swag to creating dancing taco GIFs, building retail and trade show displays, and even designing Siete’s new HQ.

Siete’s philosophy is “Juntos es mejor” (together is better) and the company is all about bringing people together — especially around food. “Food is a way to connect with those around us and remember the ones who have come before us. It unites family, friends, and communities,” states one of the brand’s ads. Siete’s influencer boxes are designed to allow their recipients to experience the feelings of inclusivity and togetherness that are so central to the Siete brand. For each influencer box, Drawn draws deeply from Siete’s company DNA and designs pieces that act as an extension of the Garza family, down to the tiniest details. We help them bring their fun and sincere social presence into the physical world in a way that feels seamless and natural and authentic.

Our team has spent as much as a week at a time in Austin getting to know (and love) the Siete way of life. We sat around their family table and heard their stories, met their growing family, and began the work of understanding what makes them, well, them — at that deep-down level. The process helped us identify those nuances that matched Siete, and those nuances that did not. Over time, we have become more familiar with the company and the family behind it, and we’ve become better at translating that personality into a brand that’s rich with goods and experiences that are equally full of life; capturing that feeling you have when joining the Siete familia for a backyard fiesta.

Everything that we design for Siete is really a reflection of their truly unique brand personality: vibrant yet grounded, flavor-forward yet health-conscious, universally appealing yet on-a-first-name-basis. Of course, the spaces that the company occupies are no exception, so we built a traveling trade show booth that’s as warm and bright as the Siete familia and in 2019, Drawn partnered with an Austin-based architecture firm to collaboratively design a new company headquarters that matches Siete’s unique ethos, culture, and way of working together. The result is an office space that feels a lot like a lived-in, well-loved home — but with the biggest kitchen in the neighborhood.