Kristen França

Our Favorite Holiday Campaigns | 2019 Edition

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and traditions. One of the biggest traditions — at least in the marketing world — is holiday campaigns. Each year, it seems like these campaigns are appearing earlier (as early as November 1) and working with bigger budgets.

This time of year has turned into one of the biggest branding opportunities that companies can take advantage of, with billions of dollars spent between November and December (according to CNBC, about $143.7 billion). And this year, there are some who I think have just hit it out of the park. 

L.L.Bean #12daysofpuppies 

This is just a creative and fun way for L.L.Bean to get user-generated content, earn engagement from customers, and provide the internet with exactly what it needs… more images of cute puppies.

Starbucks Red Cups… are reusable! 

Starbucks’ red cup campaign is a classic, but back in early November, they announced that they were bringing back reusable red cups and gifting them to a limited number of lucky customers. This green (and red) move helped make this classic holiday campaign even more well-received and popular.

Frito-Lay “My Favorite Things”

I feel like it is a big statement to launch your first holiday campaign, ever, featuring one of today’s biggest stars (Anna Kendrick) and parodying one of the most famous songs of all time, “Favorite Things.” I thought it was catchy, creative, and well-produced, if not a little “cheesy.” 

Nordstrom “This Is Giving”

This campaign is all about the gift-giving part of the holiday season. On Instagram, they use real people to explain their ____ gift ever. Since December 1st, there has been a new ___ gift ever every day. These range from coolest-gift, regifted-est, unromantic-est, magical-est, fluffy-est, and the list goes on.

Macy’s “Santa Girl” 

Macy’s used this opportunity to highlight female empowerment, raise awareness about bullying, and showcase their values — all in a well-produced, feel-good ad.

Xfinity “A Holiday Reunion” 

The sequel to ET we didn’t know we needed. 

Happy holidays!