Kristen França

Our Favorite Holiday Campaigns | 2020 Edition

Each year, we round up our favorite holiday campaigns and this year, we were Drawn to a selection of delightful, animated campaigns. Whether these brands opted for animation because it allowed them to mold worlds that matched their vision, because it was symbolic of a year in which we mostly engaged as avatars, or even because some animation allows its creators to work from home, the bottom line is that these campaigns left us with feelings of childlike wonder. We could all use a little of that after the year that we’ve had. Here are our picks for 2020: 


Lidl did not shy away from the reality of 2020. Instead, they chose to lean into the current times by showcasing the fact that you still can have a great holiday season, just with your immediate family. 

John Lewis

So, technically, this is a hybrid animation/live-action commercial. But the beautiful, skillful transitions between live-action and animation, which was commissioned by eight individual artists, makes for a sweet and stunning ad.


McDonald’s tells a modern and realistic story of a kid who loves technology and wants to grow up too fast. It is short and sweet, and honestly, made me tear up a little. 


Disney uses animation to create a movie short that tells the story of multiple generations and how impactful Disney can be across those generations. They were definitely competing with McDonald’s for the title of “ad that makes you tear up the most.” 


Greenies uses animation to flaunt its sense of humor in a short and to-the-point way. Greenies was one of the few companies that chose not to do something serious this year, and it definitely makes this ad stand out. 

Holiday campaigns are something that we at Drawn look forward to every year. And these have been a bright light at the end of a very unique year. We are looking forward to seeing what the next year has in store. But until then, happy holidays from our Drawn family to yours.