Kristen França

Quiz: Which type of agency are you?

Not sure whether to call yourself a marketing agency, a design agency, an advertising agency, or a creative agency? We feel you. Often, these words can feel synonymous and placing your agency, which does so many different things, into one category can feel challenging. Take our quiz to better define yourself.*

1. What's your drink of choice?

A. Red wine

B. Martini

C. Hard kombucha

D. Craft beer

2. If you were an animal, what would you be?

A. Dolphin  — Skilled, social, extroverted

B. Bird — Nimble, overseeing, flighty 

C. Honeybee — Pattern recognition, attention to detail, group mentality

D. Cat — Capable, strong-willed, quick-witted

3. Which is your dream city?

A. San Francisco 

B. New York City

C. Austin 

D. Portland

4. You're commonly seen sporting...

A. Heels/oxfords

B. Italian loafers

C. Chunky boots

D. Low-top skate sneakers

5. What does your team like to do at parties?

A. Bring the party games 

B. Spend the entire night mingling 

C. Stand in the corner and discuss the architectural design of the building and the choice of decor 

D. Make friends with the house pet

If you answered…


You’re a Marketing Agency

You offer a broad range of services to help your clients fulfill their brand goals. This is done using a combination of PR, social media, advertising, and SEO, just to name a few.


You're an Advertising Agency

Move over, Mad Men! Modern-day advertising agencies are firms that offer a third-party perspective on helping the client sell their goods and services. Services include everything from the creation of commercial messages to business and promotional counsel. 


You're a Design Agency

Design agencies focus mostly on their graphic design work. A design agency helps create visual marketing materials for its clients like logos, print campaigns, and digital advertisements. They also implement other facets of design like human-centered design solutions, product design, and experience design.


You're a Creative Agency

A creative agency offers a combination of strategy, design, technology, and advertising services to its clients. Seen as the idea people, you are made up mainly of creatives, and you are strongly defined by your values.

*Disclaimer: This quiz actually is not a definitive way to define yourself. The way that you choose to define yourself is solely up to you and will probably be determined by your company’s goals and values. At Drawn, we describe ourselves as a blend of all of the above. This agency world that we all live in can sometimes be hard to define, especially when the landscape in which we do business is constantly changing. But that’s okay, it’s a part of the journey. And the best part? There is no wrong answer.