The Story

When a local seafood company approached us, they brought a great business model: Sustainable, wild-caught seafood in convenient and environmentally friendly, new-world packaging. What they didn’t have was a name or brand or packaging or anything else, so Drawn helped to develop them. SeaFarePacific speaks to the company’s traditional fishing methods and support of Pacific Northwest fisheries.

We did extensive market research and designed the first two families of packaging for SeaFarePacific’s wild-caught albacore tuna products: the original pouch and a smaller pouch, created for use during outdoor leisure activities, which has become a solid performer at Cabela’s. Following those, we expanded into a family of ready-made, shelf-stable seafood soups, as well as a family of seafood curries that found their way to the ethnic foods aisle. This complete family of products (and its eco-friendly, practical packaging) helped us establish SeaFarePacific as a strong Pacific Northwest seafood brand.