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Siete Small Batch | The Salsa Duo

Siete’s latest Small Batch item, the Salsa Duo (Roja and Verde), looks a little different from Siete’s usual products. The four-pack of salsa is packaged in clear, glass jars with craft paper labels, each printed using a single color selected from the lesser-used, deeper end of the Siete brand color spectrum.

In addition to being a way to reward loyal Siete fans with exciting, new product drops, Siete Small Batch is a space for experimentation, both in recipes and package design, explains Drawn Senior Designer Trask Bedortha. 

“It’s fun to have a place to try to push [the designs] and do something a little different,” Bedortha says.

Though this particular label design may be unexpected for Siete, it was no accident: Siete’s very first product, Almond Flour Tortillas, were originally packaged in a clear bag with a craft paper sticker. Since this Small Batch product was released in the seventh month of Siete’s seventh year, it seemed fitting to pay homage to Siete’s roots, complete with Bedortha’s illustrated portraits of Aida, the Garza matriarch, who is famous for her salsa. Salsa Roja says, “Inspired by our mom, Aida, and her fiery wit,” while Salsa Verde states that Aida is “the life of the party.”

This package design is product-forward with a distinctly homemade, from-our-kitchen-to-yours feel. The vibrant salsas themselves supply bold, yet organic background colors. Each jar of salsa also features a QR code, which links to a survey that allows consumers to share product feedback and vote on future Small Batch products, of which there will be many.