Mary Flatley

Drawn to Spring: A Playlist

Whether it’s vinyl country classics, '90s R&B, or '80s Russian synthpop, something is always playing at the Drawn office. In honor of the first days of spring, the team put together a playlist of 10 spring favorites to get you in the mood for the longer, warmer, more colorful days ahead. The full Spotify playlist is available here.

1. “Everything is Green” | The Essex Green

“The chorus of the song pretty much sums up spring in Oregon. EVERYTHING is green! Who cares that the song is actually about golfing…” — Mary Flatley

2. “Here Comes the Sun” | The Beatles

“My parents always listened to The Beatles while I was growing up and the song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ always makes me think of happy, fun, and sunny days. And since winter in Eugene is mostly gray and rainy, there is always a reason to look forward to the sunshine.” — Kristen França

3.  “Wedding Song” | Anais Mitchell & Justin Vernon

“A song about new beginnings during hard times. Lots of evocative ‘spring’ imagery and the song has a very ‘green’ tone to it overall, which reminds me of spring. I think I first listened to this album a few years ago in April, as well, which probably helps solidify the spring connection for me.” — Drew Coffin

4. “Here and Heaven” | Goat Rodeo Sessions

“This song starts with a whisper of winter and moves into the pep and glory of spring.” — Thea Albright

5. “Dry the Rain” | Beta Band

“Firstly, Beta Band is legendary. Secondly, the rain dries up in late spring — or in July in the case of Oregon.” — Slavka Eberhart-Garah

6. “Avant Gardener” | Courtney Barnett

“Is there anything more Oregon than gardening? Perhaps allergy-induced asthma! And this song is just excellent.” — MF

7. “Skyway” | The Replacements

“A sappy, hopeful — yet defeated — love song from a midwestern hero.”  — Trask Bedortha

8. “Midnight Isabel” | King Charles

“Cute falling in love song. Spring is good for falling in love — again and again — with all sorts of things and people.” — SEG

9. “broken” | lovelytheband

“When I hear it, I can’t not dance. And my 1-year-old feels the same way.” — Casey Harwood

10. “Na Zare” | Alyans
“Though I don't speak Russian, the song seems to evoke a late-winter desire for brighter days. Also, those soviet synthesizers are killer.” — Josiah Martens (Also, the best live performance. EVER. — MF)