Bryan Taylor

Treemen Design is Now Drawn

After 15 great years, we wave goodbye to the Treemen name. We are the same people. Same philosophy. We are simply changing our name to Drawn.

Treemen Studio was actually the original name of this agency back in 2000, born out of a desire to build truly transparent brands. Two years later, the word Studio was dropped in favor of Design, to better align with the print-based identity and design background we brought to the early days of the agency.

Treemen began to add team members and capabilities in 2006, offering in-house web programming and branding of retail environments. We also began building a lot more strategy and research into our process, defining our work as brand development rather than just designing identities and websites.

With this growth, we went through a natural progression, evolving beyond simple design and into strategic brand development. This strategic shift was built on years of experience with a diverse collection of brands, but was also coupled with an equal number of years of reading, attending conferences, and enjoying conversations related to brands, experiences, and transparency.

Our agency today.

Today, we describe ourselves as a group of thinking creatives who are committed to branding authentic experiences. We work to understand people, to create alignment, and to design meaningful connections to which people are Drawn.

While this description of what we do has been true for many years now, our graphic design legacy has continued to define who we are for many who first met us back in those early Treemen days. And our efforts to broaden the understanding of who we really are and what we really can offer have proven to be difficult.

Why we needed a change.

So, we decided to create a new platform, an opportunity to better align what we do with the perceptions others connect with our name. It wasn’t an easy decision.

Changing names should never be approached casually, as the Treemen name had garnered an incredibly good reputation. But there was also a limited understanding that we wanted to shed with this change, which led us to make the difficult but wise-in-the-long-term decision to change names.

Defining Drawn.

Drawn is proud to be an Oregon-based agency committed to building authentic and meaningful experiences. We partner with organizations and companies looking to cultivate brands that are naturally magnetic. We advocate a slow and thorough alignment of internal cultures with external messaging. We understand that our work has to make business sense and cannot be idealistic. We research and strategize. We appreciate quality and craft. We value humor and humility. And we find great delight in getting to do all of this for a living.