Bryan Taylor

Uniquely the Same

I remember taking a class in college called Group Dynamics, in which we went through exercises like imagining that we were stranded in a desert. We had to collectively decide how we would survive, what we would prioritize, and what we would leave behind. We would go through these exercises in small groups, and in doing so, two things became clear: first, that a variety of experiences were actually really helpful in making informed decisions, and second, that the groups who had no rhythm never got very far.

Rhythm is the process of getting many different parts moving in the same direction, together, intentionally. It has complementary sounds and movements and ideas. They flow and grow and rise and swoop as a choreographed collective, sometimes silent, like geese flying south, and sometimes toe-tappingly loud.

At Drawn, I find that we have developed a lovely rhythm. We have a group of people that is wonderfully cohesive and complementary. Each person has an individual background, but we are unified by an appreciation for excellence, for things of quality, for beautiful design. We are very unique, but also very much the same.

Team members at Drawn. Photo: Drawn

Our team is made up of writers and designers, planners and strategists, but also, a playwright and director, a design fabricator, and a web developer. 

We have team members who play in five different bands.

We have two team members from other continents, four from the Northeast, two who studied and worked in Chicago, and one who studied and worked out at sea.

We have some who dream in code and spreadsheets, others who dream in colors and shapes, and still others who dream in words, but all three might struggle to sleep when these obsessions take too strong a hold.

We all appreciate excellent design. In fact, we talk about design every Monday at lunch. 

And we all take our roles very seriously, both in those joyous moments and amidst the grind, because we are working collectively, rhythmically.

It’s the wonderful differences and unique similarities that all make us a more complete team here at Drawn. I’m thankful for each individual piece, and I love the beautiful rhythm that I get to watch, hear, see, and experience every day.