Kristen França

Why SEO Matters

SEO is like Hawaiian Pizza. You either love it or you hate it. But next time you are out and you are making fun of your friend for ordering pizza with pineapple on it, think about how you chose that pizza place. You probably did a quick Google search for something like, “pizza shop near me” or “pizza shop _______” (fill in the blank with your city). Maybe you chose to ignore the sponsored ads and came across Tom’s Pizza. You liked Tom’s Pizza because it was in the top five organic searches, they had a ton of great reviews, a nice website, and it wasn’t a long drive to get there (and get your pizza). So, while you are making fun of your friend’s pizza choices, you even being in that particular pizza shop is living proof that SEO matters.

So, now that you’ve eaten a few slices of pizza, you can really sit down and marvel at the idea that SEO has a way of impacting your decisions. The world of SEO can sometimes feel complicated — probably because it is complicated. And it doesn’t help that it is always changing, but when enough of the right SEO pieces fall into place, you have the chance to really grow your business and find the right customers for you.

Yes, SEO really does matter — and it impacts your life in ways you never even imagined. Photo: Trask Bedortha/Drawn

To give a quick overview of what SEO even is, let me break it down quickly and I’ll try to shy away from too much jargon. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. Some of the pieces of the SEO puzzle are reviews, meta descriptions, alt tags, and Google My Business (just to name a few).

Reviews are important because, overall, they are a driving factor for customers, but also, the more you have, the higher your website will rank in organic search results.

Meta descriptions are essentially summaries of the content on web pages. This is the snippet that most search engines will pull up when displaying your site on a results page.

An alt tag (aka alternative tag or alternative attribute) is applied to images to supply search engines with text-based alternatives to photo files (which are more easily searched and categorized).

Lastly, Google My Business is a free business profile you can manage through Google, which when optimized correctly, can really make a difference for your website’s ranking in search results.

At Drawn, we work to make sure that our client's websites and Google My Business pages are updated frequently, optimized for search, and that they performing as well as possible. We stay up-to-date on the latest search news, we subscribe to newsletters and attend conferences to make sure that we are giving our clients the very best SEO advice. We love SEO. (We are still torn on pineapple pizza.)