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Coconut Bliss

Announcing the arrival of the world's best, award-winning ice cream sandwich. (Oh, and it's organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and free from so many other concerns for foodies — but don't let that deceive you).
New Product Line

Meet THE New Cookie Sandwich

After a decade of successful growth with pints and bars, Coconut Bliss developed a gluten-free, dairy-free ice cream sandwich we had the privilege to launch to the world.

Natural Products Expo West '17

Launching To An Expo Crowd

The world welcomed its first taste of the Coconut Bliss cookie sandwich at the Natural Foods Expo West. And seconds and thirds were quick to follow.

Social Conversation

Tasteful Content

With a strong fan base already in place, we joined the enthusiasm with content about the cookie sandwich's features, its ingredients, and plenty of mouth-watering visual delights to announce the sandwich's arrival.

Summertime Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich + Summer = Too Much Fun

As we built content for the cookie sandwich's debut, the cookie got rolling and we ended up painting these idyllic summer scenes inspired by this incredible edible.