ColdFire Brewing

The Story

ColdFire was born in 2016 when brothers and homebrewers Dan and Stephen Hughes decided to turn their love of craft beer into their livelihood. The brewery, based in Eugene, Oregon, has a unique approach to brewing that’s one part science and one part art: Both Dan and Stephen have scientific backgrounds and yet, many of the most interesting brews are a bit wild and require an artist’s touch rather than a recipe. And while the brothers have always paid homage to traditional European brewing techniques, their creations often give a nod to local, Northwest flavors. We’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Dan and Stephen since ColdFire was little more than a business plan.

To get this venture off the ground, we first needed to find the right ground upon which to build. We needed to choose a name befitting the vision, and help shore up a business model built for long-term success. After that, we designed the brewery space and tasting room, and then stepped back while Stephen and Dan worked their magic. When the time came to pack up the goods for retail sales, Drawn designed the packaging. We also created brand-appropriate digital content to engage with young, hip, beer lovers and Eugene tourists.

Packaging a Pour

We designed ColdFire’s cans and bottles to match their personality: Clean and classic with a splash of copper and a Tangle of Tigers for good measure.

Designing A Public House

Beer is meant to be shared, so we designed a public house that literally invited the community right into the brewery — both were one and the same, without walls to separate brewers from patrons. Here at ColdFire, one and all are welcomed to share a pint, to enjoy the craft as friends, as families. A heritage wall pays homage to the brand’s intersections of art and science, of European and Northwest, with a tightly woven reminder of the communal feeling you’ll find at ColdFire.

Where Science Meets Art

ColdFire Co-Founder and Brewmaster Stephen Hughes uses his background in microbiology to create extremely precise beer recipes, even capturing and identifying wild yeast on occasion. Of course, some beers require more of an artistic touch. This union of art and science is a key part of ColdFire’s brand identity.

Timeless Branding

We worked to design a timeless brand that would carry this brewery and its ancient craft through many, many years of business. Keeping ColdFire’s traditional roots and Northwest style in mind, we anchored the brand with earthen hues and metallic and wooden surfaces.