Our Work

ColdFire Brewing

At the intersections of art & chemistry, European traditions & Northwest flavors, you will find ColdFire Brewing.
a drawn venture

Brewing A Successful Business

Before getting off the ground, we needed to help find the right ground to build the dream upon, to pen a name fitting of the vision, and a business model to prepare for long-term success. Drawn partnered with brothers Dan and Stephen to name, brand, find investors, find a location, and figure out a long-term business strategy.

New Yet Old

Branding Timelessness

In order to build a brand and a business model for a new brewery, rooted with a reverence for centuries of brewing traditions, proud of the local flavors and communities, and distinctive in a crowded market, we worked to design a timeless brand, anchored by earthen hues and metallic and wooden surfaces that matched the brand's personality.

environmental design

Designing A Public House

Beer is meant to be shared, so we designed a public house that literally invited the community right into the brewery — both were one and the same, without walls to separate brewers from patrons. Here at ColdFire, one and all are welcomed to share a pint, to enjoy the craft as friends, as families. A heritage wall pays homage to the brand's intersections of art and science, of European and Northwest, with a tightly woven reminder of the communal feeling you'll find at ColdFire.