City of Eugene

The Story

We have enjoyed a partnership with the City of Eugene since 2012, collaborating on four major projects (and a few smaller ones, too). Working with the City has unraveled all of those stereotypes about red tape, foot dragging, and un-inspiration in government. The teams with whom we work love our wild ideas and share our desire to break out of the boring and make change happen.

Eugene Rec

The City of Eugene wanted its Recreation department to have a brand identity that was complementary to its own and met its brand standards — yet was still distinct. We started with the City’s exact shades of green and blue, and then added more vibrant variations of each to signify, you know, fun. We created a logo that mirrors the rolling hills in the City’s logo and flipped it on its side. Now, it was a celebratory streamer. We splashed this logo across signage, apparel, vehicles, magazines, and more to create space for Eugene Rec in our community.

Love Food Not Waste

Eugene puts a staggering 40 million pounds of food waste into the local landfill each year, and the City wanted to change that, so they created the Love Food Not Waste program. Love Food Not Waste collects commercial food waste from local restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and more. Instead of dumping it into the landfill, they turn it into compost that’s used to grow more good food. Drawn built a brand identity for Love Food Not Waste (including brand collateral, packaging, and signage) that made food waste look a-peel-ing. Then we shared all of it on an open-source platform so that any other government council could download it and implement the program in their own city.