Nike London

The Story

To gain more headway in high fashion, Nike’s Integrated Retail Marketing (IRM) department created specialized marketing teams in fashion capitals like New York and London to act as on-the-street influencers, sometimes employing guerilla marketing tactics. They set up crowd-wowing events, like surprise athlete appearances in random schoolyards and meet-and-greets with foreign athletes at local stores. They also sponsor local athletes’ participation in major sporting events like the London Marathon.

In 2018, Nike London’s IRM team asked us to help tell these stories. We captured data and assets (primarily images) and turned them into interactive, shareable stories designed for a target audience of internal stakeholders. Sometimes, these stories took the shape of interactive emails and other times, they were complete microsites built to highlight the campaigns, present the data-driven results, and stimulate further engagement. We produced them on a weekly basis throughout 2018 and saw a 200% boost in content engagement.