Opus Grows

The Story

We’d been working with Rexius, a family-owned, octogenarian organics company that specializes in exceptional soil, for more than a decade when we decided to partner on a brand new soil endeavor. Our goal was to reach the growing market of millennial plant lovers, so we decided to cultivate a new line of potting soils that was greater than any soil in the history of the world, and gave it enough personality to charm even the greenest influencers. Out grew Opus Grows, an insanely premium potting soil available online and ready for delivery right to your urban flat’s welcome mat.

Drawn helped Rexius launch the Opus brand, taking care of everything from the name and the brand standards to the packaging, website, and social media content. We faced a unique challenge in taking a traditionally analog experience (buying soil) and transferring to a digital platform. The site that we designed won Shopify’s 2016 Ecommerce Design Award for Best Overall Design.

Generating New Buzz with a Product as Old as Dirt

From the early ’90s up until Opus, pretty much all potting soil was marketed to grandmas. It was time for a change. So, we created potting soil that would appeal to young, hip audiences. We gave it a name befitting its highbrow, cultured formula. Packaging design that the cool kids in Portland and Brooklyn would be proud to set in their apartment corners. 

Growing a Following

To bolster traditional advertising efforts, we invested in the creation of evergreen, quality content and got people talking about Opus all across the U.S.

A Digital Magnum Opus 

To sell soil door to door, we designed what we thought was a real nice website — and Shopify agreed, awarding it the Best Overall Design of 2016. Thanks to our friends at Herman-Scheer in LA for helping us get the site off the ground.

An Illuminating Idea

In order to help soil continue to be relevant in the cooler, gift-giving holiday season, we developed a cedar planter box with an attached LED light for growing nutritional microgreens. Designed, built, and shipped by Drawn for Opus Grows.