Our Work

Opus Grows

Growing a new market by delivering the highest quality soil right to your front door— whether that door leads to a home or a hundred greenhouses.
illuminating idea

Opus Grows Real Light Box

In order to help soil continue to be relevant in the cooler, gift-giving holiday season, we developed a cedar grow box with LED light. Designed, built, and shipped by Drawn for Opus Grows.

Healthy Promotions

Opus Brand Applications

Spreading the word at shows and on the streets, Opus is growing a reputation.

web development

Award-winning Website

To sell soil door to door, we built a digital magnum Opus — and Shopify agreed, awarding it the Best Overall Design of 2016. Thanks to our friends at HS in LA for helping us get the site off the ground, now humming in-house at Drawn.


Telling the world about Opus

Rather than spreading the brand thin with traditional advertising, we invested in content to cultivate a national conversation.