The Story

Rexius is known for its organic soil, mulch, and bark, but the company also offers a diverse selection of other products and services, including the design, construction, and management of landscape, ecological, and recreational projects. From seeding small backyards and laying down bark at playgrounds to landscaping the University of Oregon’s Autzen Complex and controlling the erosion of geological features along roadways for the Department of Transportation, Rexius is capable of bringing landscaping projects of all sizes to life. The company’s expansive offerings, coupled with 85 years of history and deep-seated company values, meant that the Rexius brand was mature, complex, and carried brand equity — all of which presented certain challenges as we began working with them.

Drawn’s long-standing partnership with Rexius dates back to 1999, when we redesigned their red brandmark. At the time, the company was named Rexius Forest By-Products and their logo featured a red fir tree. Drawn refreshed the Rexius brand by shortening the company’s name and designing its now iconic green logo — a change that represented a key shift in Rexius’s business model: a new commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious landscaping. In the 20 years since then, we’ve worked on hundreds of projects with Rexius, including three redesigns of their website; advertising of all shapes and sizes, from branded public transit to commercials; the creation, launch, and promotion of their Opus Grows product line; service design work to streamline the phone call reception system; and a comprehensive overhaul of their social media strategy. 

Working hard to understand the ins and outs of Rexius and their mix of services has allowed Drawn to maintain a strong partnership with the organics company over the past two decades. We look forward to growing more over the next 20 years!

Reaching a broader audience with an updated brandmark

With a new brand identity and a customer base that ranges from homeowners to large corporations and universities, Rexius needed an updated brand image that would appeal to its entire audience and stand the test of time. The new, simple — yet fundamentally sound — logo design, featuring a green seedling in the shape of an “r,” did just that. Twenty years later, the mark is as strong as the day it was created, and continues to symbolize the Rexius commitment to sustainability for the landscape, community, and environment.

Organically moving an analog process to an online system

Drawn worked with Rexius to translate the analog soil ordering process to an online system. By building a fully customizable ecommerce platform, we were able to create a site into which the Rexius way of doing things was ingrained. Through multiple iterations over the years, we created a space for customers to buy organic soil online while educating both B2B and B2C consumers about Rexius’s fine products.

Smart packaging for sustainable product lines

From Garden Valley Organics to Opus Grows to Love Food Not Waste compost, we had our work cut out for us when designing packaging and identities for Rexius’s many different sub-brands. The Garden Valley Organics line was one in particular that allowed us to combine an eye-catching design with innovative packaging technology. To create a product that stood out on the shelves, and to further Rexius’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we opted for fully compostable boxes that were printed in full color.

Creating an inviting trade show experience

While other people were giving out flyers and brochures, we wanted the Rexius booth to be an experience that would demonstrate Rexius’s friendly, relationship-oriented nature to tradeshow attendees. So, we created an outdoor living space with a campfire and benches that invited people to come chat and learn more about Rexius. The seating area was built from separate components that could fluctuate in size — in essence, the booth was adaptable and could be easily transported as Rexius attended shows across the Northwest.

Capturing the real Rexius story

Rexius doesn’t just sell products and services, they create opportunities for delightful outdoor living. We strive to ensure that our photography reflects this mentality and illustrates what really drives the organics company. From commercial landscapes and residential backyards to events that we plan and host with Rexius, we work to capture meaningful moments that speak to the Rexius lifestyle and the enjoyment of a life lived outside. We have used these photographs on social media and in different forms of advertising to share a cohesive story about Rexius with the world.