The Story

Siete makes delicious grain-free Mexican-American food that also happens to be gluten-free, paleo, and preservative-free. The Garza family founded Siete after adopting a low-inflammation diet and designing a killer grain-free tortilla recipe that even Grandma Campos approved of. The family of seven (hence siete) started off selling hand-pressed tortillas in their hometown of Austin and now sells them throughout the U.S. and Canada — along with grain-free tortilla chips, hot sauces, and more.

After a few years of consistent growth, Siete began looking for an agency to aid them on their journey from inventive and successful startup to nationwide household name — without quashing the company’s characteristic warmth and one-big-happy-family feel. As they shopped around, they noticed that agencies frequently had their own visual styles and aesthetic tendencies, which often shaped their clients’ brand identities and rendered them indistinguishable from one another. In early 2018, Siete found Drawn and loved that all of our work looked totally different. (We take a lot of care to make sure that the brands we create accurately reflect the companies that they represent.)

Since we’ve been working with Siete, we’ve been adopted into the familia. (This tends to happen with the Garzas.) We do everything from designing packaging to designing (and building) retail, expo, and conference displays. We’re even designing Siete’s new HQ in Austin. We love having a second family and an excuse to fly south (especially in the winter).

Brand Building & Packaging

Siete is manifest fun. It’s grain-free fiesta food with a hint of attitude. The brand’s grounded in its strong Mexican-American heritage and a rock solid priority list: Family first, family second, business third. That makes expanding the Siete brand and designing any packaging or collateral a snap.

Feeding the Frenzy

Siete’s cult following includes celebrities, influencers, cool kids, and dad-joke tellers alike. Part of our job is helping to keep them engaged with Siete by creating buzzworthy, on-brand collateral and content, like influencer gift boxes, dancing taco GIFs, highly coveted swag, and more.

Architectural Design

Everything that we design for Siete is really a reflection of their truly unique brand personality: vibrant yet grounded, flavor-forward yet health-conscious, universally appealing yet on-a-first-name-basis. Of course, the spaces that the company occupies are no exception, so we built a traveling trade show booth that’s as warm and bright as the Siete familia, and we’re in the process of designing an office space that feels a lot like a lived-in, well-loved home — but with the biggest kitchen in the neighborhood.