Wolcott Services

The Story

Who ever said that plumbing brands had to be dry, or electrical brands static? Not us, and not the hardworking tradespeople of Wolcott. The family-owned, three-in-one home service company (plumbing-electrical-HVAC) has been serving up home solutions to the Portland community — both residential and commercial — for nearly 40 years. When they brought us aboard, they had an entire fleet of bare, white trucks just waiting to be branded and sent on their merry way, providing quality home repair and maintenance — along with natural advertising — all over the Portland metro area.

Rebranding an Experienced Player in Portland Plumbing

After 40 years in business, Wolcott was an established company with a ready-made culture attached. We developed a brand personality to complement that culture: a really cool, Portland-centric mix of practicality, expertise, and humor — sometimes self-deprecating. To infuse the Wolcott brand with added depth and delight, we developed a pattern full of conduits and icons befitting the Portland communities that Wolcott serves: roses, Edison bulbs, and … donuts! When they dove back into the residential market after years of commercial plumbing work, Wolcott had added two new services to their docket, so we also played up the three-in-one aspect of their brand.

Rounding Up New Recruits

Well, the new Wolcott brand was successful, but there weren’t enough technicians to service all the calls. So, we shifted focus to recruiting more excellent employees. And we thought that process should be fun, too.

Using FUN to Appeal to Target Audiences

We knew that plumbing wasn’t boring. But we also knew that the vast majority of people didn’t know that. So, we opted for a bolder, more memorable, and — most importantly — fun approach to advertising. The digital content and ads combine a consistent visual language with unexpected, cheeky messaging. And the commercials are edited to convey speed and efficiency — while making you laugh.