Our Work


Who said plumbing had to be so straight forward, or electrical work so static? Not us, and not the hardworking tradespeople of Wolcott.
Expanding the Brand

Designing a Residential Connection

After decades of plumbing in the commercial world, Wolcott was ready to dive back into the residential market. With new electrical and heating & cooling divisions, we helped build a brand befitting of the new home service technicians.

It's All Connected

A Pattern for Success

Trying to add depth and art and fun to the Wolcott brand, we developed a pattern full of conduit and icons befitting of the Portland communities Wolcott serves: roses, edison bulbs, and...donuts!


A Simple Brand, With a Smile

Rolling around downtown Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver, Milwaukee, and hometown Troutdale, the Wolcott brand is two things: 1) fast, quick, efficient, and 2) a slight nod to fun.


A Campaign Call for Help

Well, the new Wolcott brand was successful, but there weren't enough technicians to service all the calls. So we shifted focus to recruiting more excellent employees. And we thought that process should be fun too.