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Most know what a Credit Union is, and most inherently understand what a co-op means to their community. And even though most every CU is a Co-Op, sometimes you need to see such experiences in action. So we literally rolled out the campaign: Let's Co.
Co-operative messages

Coming up with Co

To improve brand awareness in Spokane, Wa, we spent nine months showing off the best (hidden) part of WSECU — how they care for their members and community. That's the collaborative spirit of WSECU, Co-Op Credit Union.

Co Corps

Rolling Through Town

To balance our digital efforts, we created an epic analog experience: the Co Van to carry the Co Corps from coffee shop to festival to soup kitchen — all with the goal of providing experiences of delight.

Let's Co

Putting the Co in Co-Op

Go ahead, commit to today, and all you hope to conquer here and now. And contribute to a better tomorrow. Co. And if you ever need a little help, look up WSECU Co-Op Credit Union.


Commit To Today, Contribute To Tomorrow.

So many messages focus on living for today, or focusing entirely on tomorrow — but our research confirmed that people really want to balance both. And we agreed. So we made some commercials about the today/ tomorrow balance.

phase two

Let's Keep Co-ing

Midway through the nine month campaign, we introduced some fresh air into the campaign: Let's Co, with the WSECU.