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The Making of Beergarden | Tin Ceilings and Taps for Days

2015 || Our challenge was to transform a ’50s-era restaurant into a stylish and untraditional pub befitting its home at the edge of Eugene’s distinctive Whiteaker neighborhood. Built almost entirely with salvaged materials from Marie Callendar’s Eugene restaurant, Beergarden consists of a taproom offering local craft beers that’s surrounded by six gourmet food trucks and garnished with greenery. Thoughtful, hand-made details add instant character. Come see for yourself. Cheers!

The FireMed Football Challenge | Where Play Meets Peace of Mind

2016 || This unique, raffle-style giveaway saw hundreds of numbered, mini soccer balls hoisted high into the air (and then dropped) by a local fire department bucket truck. The owners of the five balls closest to the on-field target won Lane United Football Club merch and FireMed memberships, guaranteeing free ambulance and emergency helicopter rides if needed.

Research Methodology | Going Deeper with Unfocus Groups

2015 || We developed unfocus groups because we noticed that focus groups and other traditional market research tools weren’t allowing us to glean the the type of insights that we needed to forge deep and authentic connections with our audiences — with people.

Searching for Eugene | How Do People See Us?

2015 || Each city has its own personality. In Oregon, Portland’s “for hipsters” and Bend beckons the outdoorsy, but how do people see Eugene? We took to the streets to find out. It turns out that Eugene’s identity is harder to pin down because it’s still being developed. Who will we become?

The Making of the Co Van | Driving Toward Stronger Co-mmunities

2016 || When Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) told us that they wanted to connect with the community, we suggested an approach that incorporated both digital and analog engagements. The Co van, which would haul WSECU’s employee volunteers around their various co-mmunities, was one of the analog components. We took a 1960 International Harvester that had seen better days and restored it to its former glory. We wrapped it with a stripy, campaign-informed design and an oversized Co logo, and sent it out into the world in the name of the greater good.