The Case For Design

Design was once-upon-a-time a visual field, but design today is subtly influencing everything, even how we think. And we love the variety of ways we get to apply human-centered design thinking:

Questions we wish were frequently asked.

We’re always up for a good conversation.

If you need an ice breaker, consider one of these questions:

So, what do you guys do, anyway?Go

Honestly, it can be hard to explain, sometimes. Some people call us a design agency; others call us an advertising agency, branding agency, or business consultancy.

Basically, for the last 20 years we’ve been crafting meaningful experiences and memorable brands to which people naturally feel drawn. We also design solutions for all manner of problems — both local and not so local. To do all that, we use design thinking, human-centered design, experience design, service design, and good, old-fashioned eye-pleasing design.

What’s it like to work with Drawn?Go

The first thing that you need to know is that we think of our clients as partners. We’re pretty detail-oriented and pride ourselves on never missing deadlines. We also value quality above quantity, so you can take comfort in the fact that you’re one of only a handful of clients to whom we devote all of our creative energy. Maybe most importantly, we’re really good listeners.

And if you were actually wondering what it’s like to be a Drawn employee, well, our team is a lot like a family. We know that everyone says that, but in this case, it’s true — we’ve even been known to share holiday meals and watch each other’s kids. Maybe that’s because a lot of us have come to Eugene from various points on the globe and don’t have family nearby. Maybe it’s because we really enjoy each other’s company, respect one another, and, you know, make a pretty damn good team.

If your agency had a stunt double, who would it be?Go

Now that’s a great question that we’ve never been asked. We do all of our own stunts, of course. But if we didn’t, we’d probably get someone who was a mix between Buck Owens and Bob Ross. And maybe a little Diana Ross?

You can read more about the people who’ve influenced our work, whose work we admire, and who downright inspire us.

What’s the deal with the name of your building?Go

Back in the agency’s early days, Bryan had this cool idea for a coworking space called the Bard. He wanted to create a place for designers and photographers and writers to work independently, together. To benefit from the shared creative environment.

So, fast forward to now and Drawn has kind of become that collective. Though we're all employees of the same company, we all bring unique experiences and expertise to the table. And now you’re like, “Cool, but why call it the Bard?” Well, historically, the bard's role in the British Isles was that of a storyteller and, in a sense, that's what we do here. Learn more here, here, and here.

I know exactly what I want and I just need someone to whip up my new brand ID. How long will that take?Go

Whoa there, cowboy! We have a few quick questions for you before we get going:

  • So, we’re talking about a quick and easy project here, right?
  • You’ve already done the heavy lifting?
  • And your idea is pretty much the best ever? Like, no contest?
  • And upon completion of this project, you anticipate an immediate ROI?

Wow, this project almost sounds too good to be true. Click here to learn more about our secret menu of services.

Do you ever do pro bono work?Go

Yes, every once in a while. You can see an example here.

My cousin’s sister’s neighbor has a friend who wants to know if you offer internships. What should I tell her?Go

Oh heck yeah, we do. We love having kids around to grab us coffee! Just kidding. But yeah, we have interns around all the time. We love what we do and we love sharing it with people who are interested. To apply, send us your resume and portfolio with a quick note explaining why you want to work with us and we’ll be in touch.