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Siete | The Booth

Siete is a family business and as the company has grown, la familia has grown right along with it — it’s now 100 strong and as tight-knit as ever. What’s at the heart of every Mexican-American family home? The kitchen. The kitchen is where the Siete story began and where it continues to evolve.

Siete's colorful trade show booth transports visitors to the Garza family kitchen. Photo: Drawn

So, when Siete asked us to build them a custom trade show booth for Natural Products Expo West 2019, we knew just where to look for inspiration. We wanted to transport trade show-goers to the legendary and often overcrowded Siete kitchen, highlighting the brand’s Mexican-American heritage and family-focused approach to, well, everything.

The booth, which was designed and built by the Drawn team in The Bard, was painted convivial colors and adorned with replicas of the same tiles found in Siete’s actual kitchen — though ours were made from wood to keep shipping weight down. We even hung family photos on the walls and supplied tables and chairs to invite lively conversation. Siete promised to fill the booth with warmly outspoken family members and an excess of love.

Once the booth was built, we packed it up and shipped it to Anaheim, California, for its inaugural trade show in 2019. A few weeks later, we shipped ourselves down and helped get Siete’s unique booth set up. This was the first time in Siete’s history that they didn’t have to show up insanely early to construct a trade show booth and Aida cried actual tears of joy.

The booth is scalable and can be arranged in 10’x10’, 10’x20’, and 10’x30’ configurations. The whole thing was built with portability and efficiency as top priorities, and it breaks down into pallet-size pieces. All of the shipping pallets can be conveniently stored within the booth structure — out of sight — for quicker tear-down.

Drawn’s booth design won an Hermes Gold Award and a Summit International Silver Award in 2020.