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The Simple Question that Will Help Your Brand Evolve

Sometimes, the best questions are the simplest ones. The research that we’ve done over the last couple of years suggests that one question affects brand loyalty more than any others: Do this company’s employees want to be here?

This makes perfect sense. If employees like where they work, it follows that customers probably like being there, too.

We can treat this as a single-question employee engagement survey. Ask your employees or co-workers, ”Do you want to be here?”

Of course, you want employees to be specific about what pushes them toward saying “yes,” or “no.” If asking an entire workforce feels overwhelming, consider testing this question on a team or two, then gauge their responses. By simply listening, you’ll collect priceless clues to enhance your company culture.

You may be surprised to learn that many of the obstacles to engagement have nothing to do with salary or vacation time. Recent research on this topic suggests that people engage more with their work when they feel recognized for their efforts and connected with coworkers. Addressing needs like this in a brand culture costs companies very little, especially when compared with the cost of a disengaged workforce.

As simple as this question is, it can cut through to the core of a company’s culture. You may not like what you hear at first, but that’s the nature of developing your brand culture.

This kind of work isn’t easy, but over time, it fosters a culture that attracts talent and customers alike. Why? Because it’s a place people want to be.

— Andrew Robinson