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Sunnie | The Dippers

The grab-and-go refrigerated section of the grocery store is a lot like the west side of Highway 1 in Malibu: A place there is coveted, to say the least. Sunnie’s relatively large meal kits needed to earn their shelf space, so the brand seized an opportunity to prove its concept by stocking a smaller snack kit: The Dippers.

Sunnie came to us with a container size and asked us to design a companion wrapper. We created Dipper concepts and mock-ups first, so that Sunnie could pitch the idea to retailers. Once the fish were biting, we built out complete wrappers for four flavors: Taco Dipper, Pizza Dipper, Hummus Dipper, and Granola Bites + Fresh Blueberries — all organic and made fresh.

Sunnie's Dipper snack pack is the giggling, berry-stained little sister to their full-sized lunch kit.

As part of Sunnie’s initial launch, we built a nimble design system that was well suited to startups, which frequently need package designs on a dime to wow retailers. And, of course, in anticipation of the brand’s expansion. The hand-drawn faces are a central piece of the Sunnie brand identity, and we had plenty to pull from for this package design, which ensured branding consistency from product line to product line. Thanks to all of this, the Dippers design process was — dare we say it? — quick and easy. 

In true design thinking style, Sunnie printed low volumes of the package for initial feedback. The company is now in the process of making a few final tweaks before letting a big printing run rip. You can find Sunnie Dippers here and in select regional stores.