Kristen França

Why Brand Audits Matter

What is a brand audit? Essentially, a brand audit helps businesses become aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and can help provide ways for the business to improve, stay relevant, and move forward. This is an in-depth process that helps provide you with insights into your brand. This is important when you feel like there are areas of your business that could be improved upon, but you just aren’t sure what they are. Or, if you know you need a revamp, but aren’t sure where to start. 

We can help you figure out where to start because not only is Drawn an unbiased third party, we’re also branding and design experts with more than 20 years in the biz. That means that our trained eyes can spot discrepancies in your brand from 500 miles away. (And trust us, if we can see them, your customers will, too.) Even if your brand is rock solid, it can be helpful to see how it’s perceived from the outside. We can help you gain that valuable perspective by looking at and analyzing your company’s website and social media, as well as your competitors, and summarizing our overall findings. 

Photo: Trask Bedortha/Drawn

We conduct a variety of brand audits at Drawn — some focus on specific elements of your brand, such as voice and tone, SEO and general searchability, website architecture and other notable elements, visuals, customer engagements, value proposition and differentiation, and competitors and market (just to name a few). More often, we examine your brand as a whole and assess all of these things at once. We adjust our audits based on our clients’ goals. 

Conducting a brand audit can help you discover business inconsistencies and real brand issues that can be improved. This process can also help you get clarity on which areas of your business need more love; receive an honest, third-party assessment of your brand; and gain an understanding of customer perceptions of your brand. This information is crucial to improving your company in a wide range of ways because no one is perfect and, sometimes, we all need a little outside help to give us the push we need to adapt and change, for the better.