King Estate

The Story

With more than 1,000 Demeter USA-certified Biodynamic® acres, King Estate is Oregon's largest winery and the maker of several award-winning wines — which also happen to be organic. We enjoyed an eight-year partnership with King Estate, helping to establish several of the winery’s collections and providing advertising, marketing, and communications services for everything from online content, print ads, and in-store displays to apparel and restaurant branding.

Drawn helped launch King Estate’s award-winning North by Northwest collection. Our work included the design of the collection’s logo and labels. We also branded their NEXT and Acrobat collections, as well as numerous one-off wines — including private label bottles for the president of the University of Oregon. These private label bottles went hand-in-hand with a tailgating experience tailored to wine lovers. 

King Estate’s spectacular restaurant pairs beautiful wines with seasonal, organic foods — many of which are sourced from the Estate's 30-acres of organic gardens and orchards. We worked with the winery to brand and open their on-site restaurant, designing all of the collateral, including menus, note cards, stationery, and more. This led to work on their Farmers’ Marketplace, for which we did all of the package design. (The Marketplace offers Estate-grown jam, honey, and sauces.)