Our Work: Interior Design

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Food Halls

Designing spaces to gather for pints and every food palette

We designed one food hall in 2012, and somehow didn’t stop until we had half a dozen halls in our portfolio. Here are a few of them.

Our Thoughts: Interior Design

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Siete | New Headquarters

A Mexican-American Home for 100 Co-workers

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Cheers to Our Favorite Local Breweries and Restaurants

It's been a tough year for the foodservice industry and we're proud of our local partners, whose hard work and ingenuity helped them to evolve and thrive through it all.

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A Place to Gather at PublicHouse

How Drawn helped convert a 100-year-old church into a contemporary food hall designed to invite eating, drinking, and — above all — connecting with friends and neighbors.

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Designing Pubs + Design Thinking = Design of a New Digital Product

How an architectural design project led to another architectural design project that became a service design project and, eventually, a whole new product.

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Drawn In: A Photographic Survey Of Drawn-Designed Interiors

Our talented, in-house photographer, Trask Bedortha, beautifully captures our clients' stories and the work that we do for them. While his images regularly inspire us, we happen to think that his shots of our interior design work are some of his best. Here's a sampling — prepare to feel an intense urge to dine out.

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The Bard, Part 3: Ideate, Make, Shoot, Post, Engage

How the Bard meets our needs as a dynamic agency (and helps us to meet those of our clients) in an ever-changing creative landscape.

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The Bard, Part 2: A Salvaged History

Ninety percent of the materials used in the Bard’s construction were salvaged from other forgotten stories, which means that Drawn's new space is steeped in history and rich with texture. Just like the agency itself and each of our clients, our building has a story.

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The Bard, Part 1: Casting the Dream

Shakespeare's Juliet once asked, "What's in a name?" In our building's case, quite a lot. Here's the story (and philosophy) behind Drawn's new HQ, told in three parts.

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