Our Work: Service Design

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Nike London

Razing silos through storytelling

How does Nike achieve its renowned global brand alignment? By eliminating silos and embracing next-level collaboration that extends from the company’s front lines to the C-suite.
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Wolcott Services

Making home services accessible and stylish for the people of Portland

Who ever said that plumbing brands had to be dry, or electrical brands static? Not us, and not the hardworking tradespeople of Wolcott.

Our Thoughts: Service Design

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Porter Moves Into Hospitality & Event Venues

As the Porter platform continues to evolve and expand, it’s finding a foothold in new spaces like hotels and stadiums.

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Making Home Services Feel Safe During a Pandemic

A year out from the start of the pandemic, we reflect on how we helped Wolcott navigate the COVID-19 climate as an essential home services business.

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Drawn U | Tutoring Design

Learning something new — whether it’s how to speak Spanish or the language of design thinking — can be tough. You can think of us as a tutor to help you with the latter.

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Drawn Agency champions responsive service design for the benefit of all at Service Design Week 2018

How designing brand experiences that are responsive rather than reactive helped one Oregon design agency create valuable opportunities

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Moving the Offline Customer Experience Online with Shopify

How we worked with Shopify to translate a traditionally analog business model to a digital interface.

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