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Sometimes deep, sometimes light, our team is constantly reading, observing, making connections to the past, and prospecting the future. Here are some of our musings:


Why Rapid Prototyping is an Integral Part of the Design Process

Rapid prototyping allows you to get your hands on a version of your design ASAP, which, in turn, allows you to discover shortcomings in your initial concept — and brainstorm solutions.


How HCD Took the Wind Out of Our Flag Project

That awkward moment when you realize that there's no such thing as a design project that isn't human centered.


7 Observations from 7 Days in London

Seven casual observations of how our cousins across the pond exist differently (and sometimes, not so differently) than we do in the U.S.


Moving the Offline Customer Experience Online with Shopify

How we worked with Shopify to translate a traditionally analog business model to a digital interface.


The Drawn Team's Spring Cleaning Traditions

How the Drawn team makes space for the fresh ideas and creative exploits that come with spring.


Finding Creative Confidence

Creative work is personal work. It requires confidence and thick skin — two things that, luckily, can be developed.


What is New Year's to You?

New Year's traditions are fun, sure, but they often serve a deeper purpose, as well. Here's how the Drawn team rings in new years and what our traditions mean to us.


Theoretical and Practical Knowledge in Marketing

Thoughts from a recent college grad on theoretical knowledge and its real-life application in marketing and communications.