Casey Butler Harwood

Our Favorite Holiday Campaigns | 2021 Edition

To me, the allure of the holidays has always been the magic. The static electricity-like anticipation in the air; the twinkling of lights that, in fact, are lit quite consistently; the occasional sense of serendipity; the wondering, Will it snow? In pulling together this year’s collection of our favorite seasonal masterpieces, that is what I was seeking — holiday magic. And, of course, impeccable artistry. So, without further ado…

Alexander McQueen Holiday 2021 Collection

The monarch of chimerical, macabre high fashion and Isabel Garrett weave a Potter-esque world in this stop-motion beauty. At first glance, this ad is eerie, if captivating, but I happen to think that it’s quite heartwarming, too: glimpses of glitter in dark times and gifts for all, no matter how peculiar.

Coca-Cola “Real Magic”

No giant surprise here, but Coca-Cola has once again crafted an ad that’s likely to elicit tears from your dazzled eyeballs. It takes a village (or an apartment building) to make the holidays feel like the holidays in this enchanting short by dentsuMB UK and Director Sam Brown.

Macy’s “Tiptoe and the Flying Machine”

This charming, animated ad from Macy’s reminds us that there’s immense power in believing — especially in yourself.

LEGO “Rebuild the World” 2021 (“Don’t Stop Us Now”)

The beauty of LEGO is the freedom to create anything that you can dream up, and LEGO’s holiday campaign this year really puts that front and center by bringing a series of children’s fantastic imaginings to life.

Apple “Saving Simon”

Shot on an iPhone 13 Pro, “Saving Simon” is a short film by Oscar® Nominees Jason and Ivan Reitman that beautifully captures the hope and love that make the holiday season so special.

Chick-fil-A “The Whoopsery”

Key holiday themes like acceptance, generosity, and forgiveness coalesce with feel-good whimsy, in this touching, animated ad that reminds us to make lemonade whenever those lemons come our way.

Boots “Bags of Joy”

The gift of giving is the focus of this marvelous short film/ad spot directed by Tom Hooper for Boots, which tells the unlikely, yet uplifting, story of a magical purse.

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